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At Fifth Corner Inc. our mission is billions of happy, healthy humans. We build services that help people succeed in sustainable, positive behavior change. Our flagship product YOU-app condenses top knowledge into concrete micro-actions and empowers people to make positive change happen - one small action at a time. YOU-app has quickly become one of the leading apps for health & wellbeing - we were featured in the #1 spot on the main page of the US App Store in fall 2016.

Fifth Corner Inc. is now building the wellbeing platform of the future – good-hearted, scalable, effective and science-based, serving not only consumers but also healthcare companies and employers.

We are now looking for an experienced hands-on Tech Lead / CTO to join our team.

We expect that you can and want to:

  • Write code across the full technical stack of our product as part of our agile development team

  • Work closely with the Head of Product to groom the development backlog

  • Be our management team’s technical stakeholder, and

  • Ensure that our development team thrives

We hope you possess a product mindset and are eager to work together with the team to influence the direction of the product.

We assume all of our team members are able to work independently and drive things forward. We are, however, big believers in frequent interactions, and know that two heads are usually better than one, so we expect you to raise any concerns, and bounce off ideas before implementing them.

You may be wondering about our tech stack, so here’s a non-exhaustive description (see more details here): the backend is powered by Python, HTML5, LESS/CSS3, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Redis, nginx, Docker and AWS. Today, our iOS and Android mobile apps are native, built with (mostly) Objective-C and Java respectively.

A deep understanding of all these languages isn’t necessarily required as we are currently shifting towards React Native in app development, but knowing how to build and deploy apps in these environments is a definite plus.

In order to rock the job a good amount of experience with most of the aforementioned technologies is needed. That being said, we value quickly and eagerly expanding expertise over a huge and stagnated one -- what matters most is a can-do attitude and enough experience to back it up!

One of our team’s core values is balance - that means we want all our team members to have a balance between work life and life outside of work. We don’t want your half-ass attention 24/7. We want you to be happy, creative, productive and focused when you work - and then take time to do other stuff.

We take pride in waking up every morning knowing we are building something meaningful and scalable, with good people, combining business with impact. We truly believe that the people you surround yourself with will make or break you. Therefore, we are looking for someone who ABOVE ALL ELSE is a good fit with our team. Bad jokes and a relaxed attitude to life are highly valued.

We are primarily searching for a full-time applicant, but we welcome applicants for a part- time position as well, and are happy to start out on a project basis. In short, we're looking for Ms. or Mr. Right, and are flexible to make that work!


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